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zalinski-actions-cover1EP Review
Title: Actions, Reactions and Misunderstandings
Artist: Zalinski

A man of action will always be worth more than a man of words. A wise old saying which in this case means the hard work and recognition go to the band and not the writer… although a free lunch would be nice on occasion.

This is not the first time I’ve written about Zalinski and hopefully it won’t be the last – they have that original spark that will carry them far.  A blend of melody and rock that uses a wealth of inspiration to transform the indie rock template into something with a little bit more colour and a dash more of flash.

Actions… is the culmination of Zalinski’s hard work and as their second EP, it’s the next rung on the ladder toward stardom.  Tracks “Soar” and “Alive” shine as lead singer Bowes (Andrew Lee-Bowen) really opens up the pipes showing off his vocal range, making the songs come alive.  These songs showcase where Zalinski’s essence truly lies, outshining their indie/hipster

Zalinski... ROCKIN'

baggage. The song “God” is a close contender and is definitely another favourite on the EP.  While Actions… content is good and can occasionally invoke serious emotion lyrics, songs such as  “Apology To The Feminine” and “Revelation” lack the personal connection, turning them into your ordinary pop-rock song filler.

That being said, Zalinski’s talented and energetic vibe are ever-present throughout this EP.  It’s laid back, it’s soothing, and the last 3 tracks right the wrongs (if they can be called that.)  You’ll come away thinking “just wait, another couple of years and this band will re-invent the wheel/indie scene and put those flannel shirt wearing hipster bastards back in their place.”  But, before things get too personal:  it’s a solid EP, and a good jumping-off point.  The unsigned underworld is a cutthroat place and Zalinski’s Actions, Reactions and Misunderstandings has a sound that can placate the madness.


Hear a full interview with the band on JW Show Episode 68, as well as a few of the EP tracks!

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