Elle Exxe and a Glass of Ribena

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Elle Exxe popped into the JWS chat room this past Monday and unexpectedly found herself answering 5.5 questions.

Her bio reads, “Elle Exxe (formally known as HARRISON) can claim many outstanding achievements that has directed her to start this new journey. 1 million YouTube hits, a fashion line and not to mention collaborations connections and praise from the likes of Frankmusik to Perez Hilton. But this seemingly
glitzy start is the result of fierce independence and self-belief. Her upbeat pop songs are rooted in emotional hardship and solid experience gained from Edinburgh to LAs slums. Vulnerable but with a steely
stubbornness, she is a pop star who has paid her dues and more.”

Let’s find out what her favorite sandwich is, shall we?

When you’re onstage, what’s different about you from the every day you?

When I’m on stage I get a new lease of life, and will be screaming and shouting bouncing off the walls…every day me is a fair bit quieter, people are usually shocked when they meet me and then see me on stage because they don’t expect me to get so wild.

What or who inspires you to write/perform music?

Hate to be cliche but life inspires me to write music. The things that happen to me and my friends, or what I watch on the news and the emotions that fall alongside that.

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on radio.

The first time was really funny. They asked me to pre-record my answers to interview questions (which I did at home) and

Elle Exxe

Elle Exxe

then they played it out with new questions (different to the questions I’d answered) and pretended I was in the studio. Presenter: “Thank you so much for coming all the way to Devon to do this show with us” Elle Exxe “It’s a dream come true” lol.

What’s been your most memorable performance ever?

I’d say the most memorable show was the one I did last Saturday (not just because my memory is bad and it’s the most recent show) but the whole concept was mad. I was in a soundproof glass box and the audience had to listen to me through headphones with a vibrating floor emphasising the bass. It was mad!

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

My favourite sandwich is a cheese and ketchup sandwich, and I’d wash it down with a strong glass of Ribena (the hard stuff only, none of that toothkind variety).

What one song never ever leaves your music player’s playlist?

Gonna go with “Hit Me” by Dirty Loops

Thank you, Elle!

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