Dirty’s What I Like by Mark Hole – Free Music Feature MP3

Jul 4, 2014 by

Mark Hole is a hugely talented man, he writes excellent heart-felt songs that make you want to fall in love with him and his live show will (in all honestly) bring tears to your eyes. He is currently trying to raise money to make his second album, so in aid of that he has released this awesome freebee to give those who are yet to hear his stuff a taste of what he’s doing. Meaning he’s given us the prefect free music feature of the week with ‘Dirty’s What I Like’. Grab this, and then do what any music fan should – go and buy everything else he has going so that he can release his eagerly awaited 2nd album and make Justin and I very happy people.

Mark Hole is a London based singer-songwriter who’s first album ‘Always Follow Your Heart’ is available now.

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