Cereal Bowl by Whisky Barrel Rocker – Free Music Feature MP3

Mar 27, 2015 by

“Cereal Bowl” by Whisky Barrel Rocker is your wicked free music feature this week. We can thank JW from sending this over. It seems that when Whisky Barrel Rocker was in the studio, they recorded a bunch of tunes and have kindly put a few up on their Reverbnation page to share for free. I’ve chosen ‘Cereal Bowl’ to get you started, but I can imagine these boys will be appearing in blog again and again!

Grayson, born in Landsthul, Germany, transferred to EOU fall of 2012, where he then started his journey through the ever elusive music scene. Band consists of Jacob Malone (guitarist), Andrew Wiggington (Drummer), and Griffin Fleming (Bass) . Lyrics insinuate a lifestyle which is provocative and simply
morally gray, while music style ranges from dance, from slow, to head banging.