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Sorry friends, I missed my Sunday update! I’m heading out to finish the project I’ve been working on for the past two weeks (!) (although it’s unpaid) and so I should have time to write a proper update in a day or two. I’ve got the lobster guy to tell you about…

But, I am adding the fourth and final Guest List broadcast to the sidebar. You can right click and open it in a new window OR you can right click and “save linked file as…”. Save it, put it on your iPod and we’ll never be too far from each other.

I should also tell you that “The Classic Chronicles” has been picked up on the weekends now on Off the Chart Radio! Thanks to all of you for your support on that, I’ll let you know when the US friendly times are, but as for right now it is 10am to 12pm Saturday and Sunday (I know, four hours a week!) which makes it about 4am to 6am in Minnesota… but I’ve been talking to the programmer and he’s interested in replaying the show in the middle of the night here so you can hear it there in the evening. I’ll let you know when I have more details on that.

Also, Jamie and I did Sunday’s show together. I’ll be posting Jamie’s radio debut (she did a fantastic job!) in the next few weeks too.

Enjoy, thanks for all your support, and I’ll get back to you all again later this week!



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  1. Diane

    love the show more cowbell!

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