The Agenda: Bucked Tooth and Sick of Life

Jan 31, 2010 by

David Couch

David Couch

The New Year has begun, so that means things are going to change round here.  The exciting thing is that I have made a resolution to write at least one review a week, so I guess that means I’ll have to do one of these a week…sh*t, I better find something to talk about!

I’ve been keeping busy, my fingers in lots of different pies all over London Town.
Most frequently I have been in the Lazy Beats studio, while they record their new material and plan their latest music video. give them a listen if your into trip-hop, and other variations of drum and bass with a bit more thought/creative design.

The new My Chemical Romance album is coming out, for which I can’t wait, so let’s all get excited and if you’re really lucky I’ll write a review for the blog.

I also went to watch an instrumental/prog rock band in the studio, whose name I can’t remember, but they were nice guys and they sounded alright.  I suppose in the catergory of new music to check out, you should probably take a look at Apologies I Have None who have a folk/punk thing going on and have recently been playing shows in Florida.

That’s is all from me, I’m tired and I can’t be bothered. to be continued….


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