Bonus: Friday Forum with Justin Wayne

Jul 7, 2010 by


That’s right!  Jordan took the night off from his usual duties in the big, comfy chair and I squeaked in when no one was looking.  I brought along Mark Riley from Enfield Music and Jamie even grabbed a microphone for this excellent yet different evening of independent music radio.

Recharged Radio’s Friday Forum – 9th of July, 2010

Title Album Artist
Rights & Wrongs Goodness
Bright Eyes The Microlights
The Fellowship We Are… Cha-Cha
The Girl From Tallahassee Zalinski
Mathematics Isaacs Aircraft
Fuses Rapids! Rapids!
Tillie’s Dream Tillie’s Dream E.P The Self Help Group
Don’t Send the Searchlights Summer House Gold Motel
Head on Fire Head on Fire The Little Philistines
Blue Gowns Blooming Summer Blue Hawaii
you could even like me Precious Necklace Silly Kissers
And Oh, So Slowly He Turned Dreamin
dying love sonata Demo CalatrilloZ
I Love Drain The David Goo Variety Band Promo EP David Goo
Your Belly Not Mine Dylan Walshe Dylan Walshe
Come Clean Vampire Hotel Chris Kirby
I’m a Bad Mamma Jamma (Who Works at Wendy’s) Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug
The Breeding Lady Kill or Cure EP Alice Rock
Digital Accordian Unknown Album (05/10/2008 11:5 The Lovely Eggs
Write About It Alte Schoenhauser Alev Lenz
Those 3 Words Carrie Haber
Captain D Ep le rouge Robert Church & the holy community
Down To The Puget Sound Later Days Asthmaboy
Solstice The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 Mostly

See you next week with the formidable Larry Fulcher and we’ll try and piece together the lost show 98!