Bones (Re-Mix) by Van Susans – Free Music Feature MP3

Sep 25, 2015 by

“Bones (Re-Mix)” by Van Susans is our free music feature of the week! This is an old tune from the EP “We Could Be Scenery” released by Beatnik Geek Records. Built on the memory of an outlandish calamity, ‘Bones’ teaches us all to show self-constraint whilst continuing to strive for everything we can.

Van Susans are an exciting alternative folk band hailing from both the outskirts of suburban London and the rugged highlands of Glasgow. Having been heavily influenced by Americanised pop rock culture with their past releases the band acknowledge that they have taken a step toward a more mature and perhaps darker side, pushing the boundaries of their musical prowess further, seeking to reach new heights of engagement. Their new single “Lipstick Teeth” is out now!