Black Satin by Foxy & The Hares – Free Music Feature MP3

Aug 7, 2015 by

Download “Black Satin” by Foxy & The Hares now! Our free music feature of the week comes from a new artist to the show, bringing some┬áDream Pop, Future Pop, Chillwave sounds to our airwaves.

With a love for music and passion to create, Foxy & the Hares take us by storm on a musical adventure. Growing up in musical families, this group were no strangers to playing instruments and writing songs. “I knew I was going to be a singer when I was old enough to walk and talk,” say’s Katie Wallace. “I can still remember swinging on my swing set as a little girl and belting out Disney songs at the top of my lungs. We were a musical family, and my mother always told me to never stop chasing after my dreams and to live life happily.”