Black Lab’s Free MP3 – Free Music Feature

Apr 14, 2011 by

Blacklab has been chosen for this week’s Free Music Feature because they are always offering a free mp3 on their website, and because our superfan Billy S. will be curating next week’s show number 128 and he has written very nice things about them…


Paul and Andy of Black Lab

One of the tracks being played today is by a band called Blacklab. This band rocks, and I remember in the late 90’s seeing Paul Durham and his band at a small club where we used to live.  It was electrifying and was one of the indie sparks that remains to this day.  Regardless of one’s age, artists come along that we connect with.  Black Lab / Paul Durham in the late 90’s was a connection like Springsteen in the 70’s and Pearl Jam in the early 90’s was for me.

Click ANY of the Blacklab links on this page to head straight to Paul and Andy’s page, Blacklabworld and grab your free mp3 from the top of the page.   The player embedded here DOES NOT give free tracks, however you can buy them from there  or on the website including any of the albums they’ve put out over the last 14 years.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Blacklab

Black Lab is an alternative rock band founded in Berkeley, California and currently based in Los Angeles and Montana.

They released one album on Geffen Records, entitled Your Body Above Me, and scored two rock radio hits in the US, “Wash It Away” in 1997 and “Time Ago” in 1998. After leaving Geffen in 1999, the band signed to Epic Records, but did not release any material, and left the label after two years.

The band is now unsigned. They have independently released an EP and three full-length albums since 2003, the latest being Two Strangers released in October 2010. Passion Leaves a Trace, released in 2007, featured the single “Mine Again” and gained significant exposure through internet media outlets. Paul Durham and Andy Ellis are currently the core members, with Isaac Carpenter and Brian Paturalski accompanying in the studio.