5.5 Questions with Ben Brockett of The Galleons

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The Galleons are a U.K. band who live by the seaside in Brighton. They describe their music as “melodic, spellbinding music slices a line between new-folk and indie-rock”. Galleons member Ben Brockett swapped e-mails with us for this 5.5.

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on the radio.

The first time I heard us on the radio was on a great community radio station in Brighton called Radio Reverb. I was driving home from the supermarket having bought some cheese and it was played by someone we hadn’t even sent it to which was cool. I was so excited I left my cheese in the car which wasn’t good as it was a very hot day.

Who’s your musical role model and why?

We played at a techno festival a couple of years ago in the middle of one of our mini tours. As we’re quite folky we weren’t sure how it would go down but I think everyone was regenerating from the night before and appreciated a bit of a break from the goings on in the Pure Techno Tent. There was a remote controlled techno tank called Frank The Techno Tank and everyone was really lovely. We met some great people who we are

The Galleons Brighton UK

The Galleons

still friends with now.

Who’s your musical role model and why?

My musical role model is probably Kurt Cobain. Our songs are very different but listening to Nirvana opened my eyes to the idea you could write quite simple songs with good catchy melodies without having to write bland pop.

Describe the worst dressing room or venue bathroom you’ve experienced.

The worst dressing room we’ve ever used is in a Brighton venue that shall remain nameless. I didn’t realise until I’d started to take a dump in the really grimy toilet behind the stage that I could look out through quite a large gap in the wall and see the audience and the rest of the band setting up.

What’s on the ideal sandwich and what would you wash
it down with?

5. I’ve yet to convince any one else to try it let alone like, it but if someone reads this here and does, then let me know I’ll be happy. Crunchy Peanut Butter, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Salad Cream (if you’re not British then Salad Cream is like tangy mayonnaise). Washed down with a pint of ‘Cloud Physics’ Ale which is the beer we’re making with Downlands Brewery for our Launch at The Brighthelm Centre, in Brighton on March 29th. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can add salted crisps (chips) to the sandwich.

Tell us 3 songs from your current playlist.

Richard Dawson – Black dog in the sky 2. Karen Dalton – Reason to believe 3. At the drive in – One armed scissor

Thanks Ben!

Here are links where you can find more of The Galleons.

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