Believe by Big Tree – Free Music Feature MP3

Dec 18, 2015 by

“Believe” by Big Tree means we have the pleasure of seeing this band back in our free music feature! We are big fans of these guys, I hope you will be too.

Born in Brooklyn and now rooted in the Bay Area, Big Tree is Kaila McIntyre-Bader (vox, keys), Luke Bace (bass, vox), Dan Pirello (guitar), and Matt Schory (drums). The group creates songs that have been called “anthemic,” “luscious,” and “stunning,” tapping into organic folk, greasy blues, and ambient indie rock. After several years of near constant performing, Big Tree’s live show stands alone in it’s own right, taking the audience on a journey that starts with the bopping of heads and the tugging of heart-strings, and often ends with a sweaty dance party and raucous sing-alongs.