The Banner Days Sampler by The Banner Days – Free Music Feature MP3

Nov 21, 2014 by

“The Banner Days Sampler” by The Banner Days is a very special free music this week! Firstly, because it’s all kinds of beautiful and secondly, because the duo are actually letting you walk away with not one, but three of their tracks.

Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis are the pair that when put together, make The Banner Days, and we love them here at The Justin Wayne Show. The combination of Beth’s delicate, pure, and melodious voice and Bradford’s soulful, growling tone makes for a beautifully heart wrenching, harmonious blend. If you are a avid listener you’ll notice that with this download you even get their track ‘My Beloved’ which was featured in our Top 10 of October 2014.

The Banner Days is an old saying that means a time to remember and celebrate. “When we started writing together, we immediately clicked. As these songs have taken shape one thing has become clear: This project, this catalog of songs and this experience are going to be something special.”

I strongly encourage you to leave a tip for their kindness.