Album Review: Convolutions – The Thomas Confession

Apr 1, 2012 by

Artist: The Thomas Confession thomas-confession-convolutions-cover

Album Title: Convolutions

Release Date: 5 December 2011

I have just got my hands on a copy of this album and I regret not hearing about the band sooner. (It’s now found a place for itself on a number of my playlists).

The Thomas Confession started in 2008, in Fresco, CA. After receiving no.1 at and winning Battle of the Bands at Sacramento State University,  they have worked on recording and releasing their debut album Convolutions.

Their overall style is hard to label but if I had to, I’d say they are producing energetic, indie dance music. The type that gets better the more you listen to it.

The first song on the album “Love Like Fire” is one of catchy lyrics, with a depressing tone and an angry beat comprising a majority of the track. It is a strangely therapeutic and engaging song.

Whereas “Heartbreaking Sight” offers us the opposite components, with a danceable upbeat rhythm mixed with angry lyrics. This turned out to be my favourite song (a fact that I realized after having the chorus stuck in my head for an entire evening).

“Put Your Mind to It” is probably the most ‘dancey’ track of the album, and is what made the band for me. Not because it is the best track on the album, nor is it the catchiest, instead it was the track that made me want to see the band live. You can feel the atmosphere this song would generate and you can’t help but want to be a part of that. The Thomas Confession are yet to tour the UK, but when they do it will be this track that I’ll be going to see (and dance around to).

The album offers up a few slower tracks, which is when you can really appreciate the writing. The last song entitled “Still Standing Alone” is a fitting finish to the album, with a mysterious melody, and provoking lyrics. It proves that the band has a relevant depth to them.

As I listened to the album I really began to appreciate the quality of music that this band is producing. The songs are not generic, instead they become relatively unique and increasingly relevant as time goes own. It is an energetic, danceable album, making its own by mixing depressing lyrics with upbeat music.

The Thomas Confession‘s Convolutions  is the bands first album and I think it is a very promising start. I hope to hear more from them and see them touring the UK in the near future. Get the album and just like me you’ll find yourself singing the tracks all day long: “Don’t slow me down when everyone’s dancing…”

~Claire Rozario