Album Omnibus: Unquiet Nights – 21st Century Redemption Songs

Mar 15, 2012 by

Album Omnibus for Unquiet Nights‘ new album 21st Century Redemption Songs.  That means we play the whole album along with Luke Mathers from the band who joins us to talk about how it all came together, his DIY PR, production and truly independent nature of this release.  Our hats are off, what a great story and a great album.


The Tracks
1 Burning The Tracks
2 Triggerfinger
3 If I Could, and You Ever Would
4 We Were the Ones
5 Silent Picture Show
6 Shoulda Said Something
7 Nobody Wants to Know
8 Song of Lust
9 Someone’s Love on Drugs
10 Letter from Abroad


A big thanks to Luke Mathers, Essential Credential, and Unquiet Nights for this.  It was a pleasure.