Where did independent radio go?

Right here. The internet. Now there’s an army of independent music lovers broadcasting, podcasting and blogging across the internet, combing the unsigned, independent music world for the newest, hottest music yet to be discovered.

For over five years The Justin Wayne Show has not been about Justin Wayne, but about the independent music that fills each show.

This show begin on a chairlift in Red Lodge, Montana, generated from an impassioned conversation between two budding radio DJs. About a year later, half a world away in a bedsit in east London on a frosty January afternoon – the 29th of January, 2008 – the show became a reality. Since then the show has seen over 100 guests, co-hosts, and interviews on its 200+ shows playing music from over 1000 independent musicians from around the world.

Now located in the absolutely lovely Washington wine country town of Walla Walla, the show is poised to expand. The show will soon become a full-on independent internet radio station committed to independent artists and radio presenters/DJs. We’re calling it “Maven.fm”. So far, you can follow Maven on Twitter (still just an egg, but growing!) We’d love to have you along with us on that journey.


The Justin Wayne Show Staff

All of these people below are very special to the progress and substance herein at TJWS.  Without them, the show would not have lasted as long as it has and would not be on the path to growth and expansion as we are now. They’re all special people in their own right so check them out, follow them, like them… we do!


Principle Staff



Justin Wayne (photo by Michcolor)

Justin Wayne

Presenter / Producer / Web

“Justin Wayne, after ten years of on-air presenting and production, has created a top notch radio program and podcast rivaling top 40 stations worldwide. Cutting edge in approach, Wayne’s program has become an essential broadcast for independent musicians to get heard by fans and music blogs looking for new, exciting sounds. Wayne has forged a global following because of his programming commitment to quality tunes and professional production values.”

I also clean the cat box, keep the website running and enjoy a good kip in the afternoon with Puck, our producer cat.

Links:  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn  |  No Coward | Email: jw[at]thejustinwayneshow[dot]com



Claire Rozario

Claire Rozario

Presenter / Producer / Music Director

I too am many other things than a radio presenter, however that is pretty much what I love doing. I’m interested in music, promoting gig nights and emerging talent, meeting new people, meeting and seeing new bands, pick-n-mix and kicking Justin’s arse every month in our Top 10. I currently live and work from London and I love it.

Past experience: Phonic FM, Shoreditch Radio & Radio Exe. Available for radio and compere spots so get in touch!

Links:  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn  |  Email: claire[at]thejustinwayneshow[dot]com





Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn

Music Consultant

As a local veterinarian, Jamie’s two-cents on song and chat topic choices can be heard occasionally on the show, weighing in on the shows from such places as: across the room, at the desk, and from the sofa.  She also stops in to spin tracks and is considered the official “voice of reason” when it comes to the playlists.

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Randy Combs

Randy Combs

Producer / Writer

Bleeds hops and music, grandpa brings a unique perspective to our network – rock and roll senility.

He’s a lyricist (@natureofghosts), copywriter, website wrecker, band publicist, and builder of electronic relationships.

Links:  Twitter




Ryan Flynn

Ryan Flynn


Ryan has struggled with weight his entire life. Magazines, movies, and television all made him feel like he would never succeed in life until he did something about his weight. Ryan started eating right and exercising daily. He started to turn it around. And one day Ryan will realize that deep down in his heart, he was thin all along. Ryan is the creator of the “Justin Wayne Show Theme Song”




Ryan Arndt

Ryan Arndt

Presenter / Producer

My name is Ryan but please, call me R-dawg. I play drums for a band called Lights Out Dancing and I tour with various band helping them set up their drums and sound good. I love my music, it is was I believe in. I am a moderate optimist and try to live for the moment.  I go to a lot of shows in MPLS and love seeing live music.  I like gin and tonics, and long islands… sometimes a little too much.  The only Spanish I know I learned in Nelly’s Country Grammar, but hey, no regrets… Just some really good stories.

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