8th: “Come Again” by Terri Marie

Jan 1, 2011 by

Happy New Year!  We’ve got four more songs for you, and the next one comes from our Canadian friend and Western Australian producer, Terri Marie (and Peter Renzullo, he’s her producer.)

Terri MarieShe’s even gone ahead and written a bio for the tune, here are her words:

“I suppose it’s the first song I wrote that i was really excited about. I got some good reactions from some fellow artists and friends and it really encouraged me as a writer and musician. I wrote mostly out of frustration and certain dissatisfaction, and it’s one of those songs that always makes me feel good when I play it. It was written after a not so nice break-up, and though it didn’t start out quite as bluesy as it is, that’s where i found it going, as my musical influences changed, as they always are.”

This song, along with all of the 12 Songs of Christmas are only downloadable through the 7th of January, 2011.

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