7th: “Mr. Carousel” by Noiserv

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Our seventh tune of our 12 Songs of Christmas comes from Portugal – they’re called Noiserv.

Noiserv day in day of the daysNoiserv is a project that appeared in 2005 when David Santos decided to bring together many years of material and turned it into something real and serious.  In July of 2005,  Noiserv was invited to join the Portuguese netlabel Merzbau and edit his first EP, “56010-92”.  After that, David had played in Portugal’s most important alternative scene venues and had quickly become well-known in Portuguese media and audiences. Finally on October 13, 2008, the singer-songwriter self-released his debut full-length record “One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness”, considered one of the best 2008 Portuguese records. In November, the record was distributed in Tokyo (Japan) with Preco records, in Manchester (UK) with Piccadilly records and also in several more European record stores.

Noiserv-InstrumentosOn April 2009 was released the first Noiserv single 7” through Autumn Ferment Records, U.K., with one song of “One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness” – “Bullets on Parade”.  During the last year Noiserv had played with several well-known international artists such as Perry Blake, Camara Obscura, Bill Callahan, I Like Trains, Tara Jane O’neil, Yndi Halda, Your Ten Mofo, Julianna Barwick, Don’t Mess with Texas, Half Sleep, The Swell, Damon & Naomi, etc…

In the beginning of July this year, Noiserv released a new EP called “A Day in the Day of the Days”… a soundtrack for a day in our life… that’s where this tune comes from.

This song, along with all of the 12 Songs of Christmas are only downloadable through the 7th of January, 2011.

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