After 7 Years, Episode 1 Revisited

Jan 29, 2015 by

It’s been a long journey with lots of technical issues, four computers, over 1500 emerging and independent artists… wow. Who knew that the little podcast that started in our tiny shared flat in east London would still be running today, and as strong as ever. There are tons of people to thank and recognize, and I’ll do that at the end. Right now, check out the FIRST EVER episode of The Justin Wayne Show, first podcasted back on January 29th, 2008, just a few days after I turned 25.

Justin Wayne hatching plans for the show

Here I am hatching plans for the show, at the desk from where the show was created in our tiny east London flat.

Playlist and Links from the JW Show 30 Jan, 2008:

Artist “Song Title” Album

Arthur Yoria “I’ll Be Here Awake” I’ll Be Here Awake

Lights Out Dancing “Good Morning Sunshine” Oh The Places You’ll Go

Asthmaboy “Down to the Puget Sound” Later Days
Download their whole 12 song album for free!

Mark David Ashworth – “Eggs” – Viceroy autobus records

Skeletons with Flesh on Them “Houseguests” The Fish Don’t Mind

Artist of the Week!
Burnshee Thornside

Burnshee Thornside “Can I Be A Star” The Art of Not Blending In
Burnshee Thornside “Love You Like a Train” The Art of Not Blending In

The Apple War “Alarm Bell City” The Apple War
Way cool tee-shirts!

Brazos “Mary Jo” A City Just as Tall

Sparrow House “When I Am Gone” Falls EP
autobus records

Jake Rowan “The Player” Here’s Some Music

Tacks, The Boy Disaster “Paris” Oh, Beatrice

Five Star Fall “Mercurial Girl” Automatic Ordinary

Dan Palmer “Technicolor Rainbows” Nothin’ Better Than This Brother

Electric Frankenstein “Coolest Little Monster” Conquers The World

The original shownotes

I’m very excited.

Today marks the beginning of the JW Show going to podcast. This means new, excellent music and myself filling in all the cracks and the details. I do this because I love to listen to music, present on the radio, and share music with my friends – so that’s what you get when you download the podcast. It’s me, my good friend Ryan, some tunes, and a few other segments we’ve cooked up to bring together the music.

A special thanks to Michael back at Bridger Bowl who did the real work on the image. You can see it on the blog now in the upper left. Cheers, Michael!

Here’s a link to the first show (it’s also in the sidebar): The JW Show Ep. 1

Here’s the link to subscribe to the JW Show with your RSS reader (copy and paste into the “subscribe” feature on your podcatcher, which could be iTunes under “advanced” and then “subscribe to podcast”):

I’ll have a link directly to iTunes next week that will open your iTunes program and subscribe you automatically. AND… I’ll include a link next that will update automatically so if you want to post a link directly to the sound file on your site that’s always current, you’ll be able to do that.

From now on, at the bottom of each posting which accompanies a podcast there will be a listing of the artists and how to find them on the web. As I only play one or two songs of each artist SOOO… Hit the blog and find their info, track down the CDs via download or mail, and make sure to tell them you heard them on the JW Show.

You’ll also see these two sites in the sidebar from now on: and . These two sites I’ve found quite a bit of great music from and they both have schemes where you (the non-podcaster… or podcasters alike!) and cheaply purchase songs and albums from these independent artists. Tell them I sent you.

Question I’ve been getting (once from my mother):

“Are you going to advertise and make money on this podcast?”

The answer:


The next question would beg, “Why?” My answer to that is that I do this for the love of the music and to help these guys out that are trying to make it without the huge helping hand of a major label (thus far…). My goal, nay, my dream is to snowball this podcast to attract more and more independent artists and soon I’ll have a library expansive enough to rival any major radio station – but all independent music.

The other half of that dream is to build a listener base that this music BECOMES THEIR “POPULAR” MUSIC. Once they turn off the radio and listen to a few podcasts they’ll realise that the big labels and the corporate radio is missing a huge market of fantastic music that us podcasters are picking up and running with. I hope you come running with me.

Now, if you graduated from 4th grade (or grammar school, here in the UK) you’ll observe the 5 Ws (and 1 H). I’ve covered a few already but let’s review and see where I’ve missed.

Who: Me and my boy Ryan Flynn (and Mom, Dad, and Jamie in their respective segments)
What: The Justin Wayne Show Podcast – for free
Where: Me = London, You = the world… iTunes, other podcast outlets, and right here
When: Every Sunday/Monday depending on your timezone
Why: The love of music and the respect for the independent musician/artist
How: My work permit

…How’s that?

As I have a work permit that will only allow me to work at one job, I have been no longer to moonlight (for pay) as a Radio DJ. I’ve done that now for the past 5 years and I truly love it. I love it so much that the only way (after testing the internet radio waters) to do it right in my current situation unable to draw a paycheck from it is to podcast.

That led me to independent musicians. Those who have the good stuff but still own the rights to their own music I can play. E-mail me and sound off if you would like to be a part.

I get their permission, and I play their music. It’s that simple. Only there’s one 75 minute show per week (perfect size for any mp3 player or even burned to a CD). I’ve got lots of tunes in store, so keep coming back for more! Let me know what you like so I know what to play again and what kind of music to look out for.

I appreciate all your support and love. I truly do. Thank you for supporting me and the podcast. Let me know what you think!



Special thank yous after 7 years…

  • Michael Gill for the original album art/logo for the show
  • Ryan Flynn for the encouragement, jingles and theme song we still use today
  • Jason Ober for writing reviews, being a great sounding board, and being the recipient of some of our Chicago free gigs
  • David Couchman, one of our review writers from years ago who did a great job
  • My brothers Ryan and Kyle for sending some early music my way
  • Jamie (my wife) for putting up with my crazy idea in the beginning and allowing it to get crazier
  • Claire. Because Claire.
  • Randy for his endless encouragement and generous spirit.
  • …and all of the thousands and thousands of listeners we’ve had over this time. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Here’s to another seven years!