50K Music: Spreading the Spirit of Indie Music

Mar 29, 2013 by

Spirit. Music. Indie. Sure, we share the same keywords but we’ve only just found each other. The founder/editor Mario Putzar started 50K Music with a popular European music fan-funding website in a print form, and then chopped and changed when they stopped printing it. Since then (about four years ago) he’s been focusing on fan-funded artists, independent music and generally the same sort of great stuff we like to feature. It’s no accident that we found each other.


On 50K Music’s main site, they’ve got us at the top of the pile of “Discover Good Music” sources. We’re pretty stoked about that.

They’ve been saying lots of nice things about us on 50kmusic.com and have recently featured our interview with Francesca of Amycanbe very prominently on their site. I’m looking forward to working more with Mario and his team in the coming weeks and months, especially as we’re looking to expand our offering on our website as well.

Go check out what Mario and his team are cooking up over there on 50kmusic.com.