5.5 Questions with Fire_Sign

Sep 18, 2014 by

Appearing on Monday’s JWS program, Fire_Sign appeared in both song and in the chat room. Of course, we love it when bands stop by to chat with us. Since you probably weren’t there, here’s Chris and Sarah of Fire_Sign answering 5.5 Questions.

Tell us about the first time you heard yourselves on the radio

Sarah: The first time I heard a Fire_Sign song on the radio was when Simon
Raymonde (member of the incredible band ‘Cocteau Twins’ and founder of the
label Bella Union) played our track Bronze on his Amazing Radio show, and
named it his track of the week. We were both really thrilled that such a
talented musician had picked out our track and it was quite surreal to see
Fire_Sign under ‘now playing’ on the station’s website. It made us feel
like we must be heading in the right direction.


What’s been your most memorable performance ever?

Chris: The last one at the Tooting Tram & Social was pretty good. We played
with some great artists including headliners Berlin Berlin who were nice
guys, and the audience and all the performers just had such a great time.
We did lose the power supply to one of the VT-3 units though.

When you’re performing a song, where does it take you in your head?

Sarah: Sometimes I lose myself entirely in the music and a song will finish
and the applause will start and I will suddenly ‘come to’ and realize where
Fire_SignI am so in that sense it can take me away from thought altogether. However,
most of the time a sort of film of the song’s story and emotions plays in
my head and I love communicating that to the audience through my voice and

What does music give you?

Chris: Freedom. You can do what you want and escape from thinking about
things you’d rather not.

Sarah: Music is my hope and anchor, my therapy
when I am sad, and my means of expression when words just don’t quite cut

When you’re onstage, what’s different about you from the every day?

Chris: I’m too hot.

Sarah: Yeah, I get really hot under the lights too. I look different; I
wouldn’t wear make-up, leather shorts and high heels to pop to the shops.
When I’m on stage I feel like I am in the right place at the right time,
and I enjoy being able to captivate the crowd and hold their attention,
whereas in normal life I can be a bit shy or uncomfortable with attention.

What’s on the ideal sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

Chris: A chicken sandwich and a beer.

Sarah: That depends on the time of day, the temperature, and whether I’m
making it at home or eating out. A bacon sarnie (with a dash of balsamic
vinegar) and a piping hot cup of tea. Now I’m hungry.

Thanks to Fire_Sign for doing 5.5 questions with The Justin Wayne Show!

Links: https://soundcloud.com/fire_sign