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Ella says she left her New England home for the West Coast, looking to find herself and to “get to know the father she’d lost so many years with”.

She started performing at venues like the House of Blues, Vaucluse and other Hollywood locations and found “the stage would always be her home” She’s worked with various producers, including Grammy Award Winner, Jared Gosselin, Phynx, but it wasn’t until she struck up a friendship with producer Donnie Cash that  she created her debut single A Woman’s Game.

Ella popped into a busy TJWS chat room for to answer 5.5 questions.



When you’re onstage, what’s different about you from the every day you?

 Everyday me is a bit introverted… I’m a bit shy sometimes and when I’m onstage I can let loose and just get my party on!

What or who inspires you to write/perform music?

People! My fans! They keep me moving… I have enormous love for the world! But just like anyone else I write and perform to what I connect to… 🙂

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on radio.

Of course.. excitement! But it’s more exciting hearing everyone else put their love on it!

What’s been your most memorable performance ever?

I performed at the Downtown Summerlin opening in Vegas for thousands of people and I think that was my fav. audience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0kH-9qMC4I

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

Turkey and swiss… Avo..Tom..lett…oil…ving… washed down with a cold brew

What one song never ever leaves your music player’s playlist?

Ughh worst Q ever! lol ….. I’d say Lady Marmalade… So classic. by Patti or the Christina Remake… But I’ve literally had Uptown Funk on repeat the past couple days…

What food, if you dropped on the floor, would you go ahead and eat anyway?

A Strawberry! Hands down… My fav <3

Artist Website: www.ellamusicofficial.com

Artist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ella.Artist.Official?ref=hl

Artist Twitter: e_lla_music

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