2nd: “We Were the Ones” by Unquiet Nights

Dec 26, 2010 by


Unquiet Nights brings us our second track for the Twelve Songs of Christmas from Burning the Tracks, an album yet unreleased.  That’s right, EXCLUSIVE (and Luke loves it when we say that.)

Unquiet Nights-Burning The Tracks“We Were the Ones ” is on Under The Radar’s Best of 2010 sampler, and that we are playing The Scala, London with Bloc Party on 12th March 2011.  Anyone who wants their ticket should buy it directly from us for cheaper and gets a secret download link and a free digital copy of the album when it’s ready.

This song, along with all of the 12 Songs of Christmas are only downloadable through the 7th of January, 2011.