JW Show 178: 10 Great Songs – The Return from Acadamia

Jan 21, 2013 by

I did it – I finally pulled myself out of the academic gutter to bring you some fancy independent tunes. These were the 10 songs I used on my prototype that I built as part of my dissertation (the reason I had to leave you for a few months, had to finish it).

They’re great songs and I didn’t tire hearing them, even after a LOT of listens!

  1. Song Title – Album – Artist
  2. Give Me The Ball – A Jillion Kicks - Heypenny
  3. Silence Amplified - Burning Shapes
  4. Cold Blues – Concrete Class - The Lonely H
  5. Lonely For Some Honesty – Rabble Rock Radio - Stone Pony
  6. Before You Were Mine – Director’s Notes - Emily Wolfe
  7. Don’t Send the Searchlights – Gold Motel EP - Gold Motel
  8. Sound It Out – SALT - The Locals
  9. The Truth – From Another Planet - Fundamental Skillz
  10. No Coward Soul – The Little Philistines
  11. Londontown – Stack Of Fears – Brenn

The new studio layout

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